Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa

The renovation of this luxury resort has raised the standards of quality in materials and finishes to provide guests with a worldwide experience.


Inspiration was sought in the tropical colonial style. Entering the hotel and seeing the buildings, one realizes that it is like a trip back in time.

The design combines classic and sophistication with more modern touches, exotic accessories and tropical elements. The facades of the colonial buildings are painted in bright and cheerful colors that refer to the local Jamaican house spirit.

When the hotel was built, great importance was placed on the use of natural materials. The beige marble floors with touches of earth tones, red, green and dark colored solid wood carpentry, bring a lot of luxury and quality. So this is the philosophy that was kept when renovating Grand Palladium Jamaica.

Wood is a material that cannot be missing in this decorative style. It is a noble, natural material that is very resistant and, depending on the type of wood, has beautiful grains. For this reason, it was decided to keep all the original woodwork, restoring it where necessary.

For the rooms design, the Mo’Bay buffet and the Infinity bar, it was decided to pull on this same thread, opting for dark wood furniture, adding natural fibers, vegetation and accessories with extravagant shapes and details.

A neutral color palette was the basis for this interior design project, adding decorative pillows in tones that reference the elegant red marble detail of the existing floors.

Plant fibers, essential for decorating in this eclectic style, never go out of style and create relaxing, serene, warm environments. In addition, they can be introduced in any room, and work in all seasons, hot or cold, that is why they were implemented especially in the bedrooms. Headboards, wall lamps and armchairs bring warmth and make the space cozier, thanks to the use of this material.

A green touch, reminiscent of wild and tropical nature, fits perfectly. We introduce it in all areas in the form of natural plants, but also in accessories, textiles, prints and decorative paintings.

Both the abundant vegetation throughout the hotel and the use of wood are two important factors in the connection between Grand Palladium’s design and its location, a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean Sea.

In contrast to the richness of the dark woods used in the other areas of the hotel, treillage has been introduced in the reception area as a decorative element to create a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. This decorative structure is known for its association with gardens and outdoor spaces. U Interior Design implemented them in the interior, intertwining wooden slats with mirrors and painting it in a light color. In this way, it not only adds a touch of elegance, but also creates a bright and vibrant ambiance, ideal for welcoming guests and kicking off their Caribbean vacation.

As always, the renovations are intended to further improve the facilities and adapt them to current needs. For this reason, several new typologies of more luxurious rooms with private pool facing the sea with spectacular views were added.

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