Our rebranding

Making a change of image is a decision that will always have a great impact on the brand, and in this blog post we want to proudly share ours with you. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Less is more
With the redesign of the new U Interior Design logo, what we were looking for was to simplify and clarify, so the first thing we solved was the problem of reading and repetition of the name.

Transmitting our values with the new logo
To be in tune with the new brand focus, we started from the origin of everything: the person, but highlighting the group’s own feeling of trust and experience. This was achieved by highlighting the U and adding a dot that would give the logo strength and perfectionism; both very much in line with the brand values.

Identity, always present
But it doesn’t end here. To represent in a more noticeable and evident way the concept of “We are your identity, the union seen in the image is formed by trying to see all the identities that are inside the letter U.

Colors perfectly aligned with the brand
The taupe and taupe pink tones were delicately chosen as the undisputed protagonists because they do not push back any other color, but rather accentuate even more the personality of whoever chooses them. In addition, they are able to convey adaptability and versatility, two very present qualities in the brand, as well as having the ability to convey elegance and sophistication.

Neutral tones such as taupe are often related to stability, solidity and confidence, which are precisely other qualities with which U Interior Design counts.

A typeface that speaks for itself
We chose Manrope because it is a sans serif typeface with simple geometric shapes that reflect versatility, and like our concept “We are your identity”, it is alive and adaptable to each client.

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